Veterinary dental radiology made easy with SignalSMILE

The thought of performing a COHAT (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment) can often invoke fear and anxiety. A nervous owner, a high-risk patient, a difficult extraction, a prolonged anesthetic procedure, combined with the pressure of executing a complete and accurate assessment, can create undue stress. Radiographs are an essential element in the COHAT. With the continuing rise in standard of care, dental radiographs are now expected as a part of every dental procedure. In our veterinary education and training, we generally do not receive in-depth, specialized training in dentistry, or more specifically, in dental radiography. In practice, we are often left to perform these procedures on our own, and under the pressure of time.

When it comes to interpreting dental radiographs, while we are all very capable, a second set of eyes™ can always be of great assistance in completing a complex assessment. SignalSMILE® was developed to help you, the practitioner. It provides a “second set of eyes™” on your dental films, looking for specific signs that may indicate pathology. It provides an assessment of the radiographs that can be used as part of your medical record. And it generates a client-friendly report that can be printed or emailed and shared with the owner.

SignalSMILE helps limit time interpreting radiographs, helps prepare documentation for your medical record and helps keep your client up to date on their pet, keeping you and your skills focused on where they are most imperative.