SignalPET publishes AI technology paper

The paper outlines how veterinary practices can implement and benefit from radiology AI technology

SignalPET has recently published ‘How to Implement Radiology Point of Care AI Technology in Your Veterinary Practice,’ a paper aimed to help veterinary professionals bring radiology artificial intelligence (AI) technology to their practices. Prepared by Karen Felsted, CPA, MS, CVPM, the paper also took a closer look at both the financial and medical benefits of using radiography point of care technology.

“AI radiology point of care technology is the new standard in the veterinary industry. The X-ray machine is one of the most important pieces of diagnostic equipment in a practice, yet often heavily underutilized due to the discomfort of clinicians to recommend radiographs,” explained Neil Shaw, DVM, DACVIM, founder of SignalPET, in an organizational release.1

“By utilization of AI Radiology Interpretation technology, we see improvement in clinicians’ confidence and utilization of the x-ray machine. We are happy to partner with leaders in the veterinary industry to confirm again that good medicine equals good business,” he continued.

The paper investigates how AI technology can easily and seamlessly be introduced into veterinary practices to help improve patient care, client experience, and practice efficiency. AI technology has the capability to also identify critical findings and validate radiographic interpretations.

Data provided by a hospital group and given to SignalPET showed an increase in inpatient transaction fees after this technology started at the hospital, plus an increase in patient radiographs.2


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