SignalPET® Announces Strategic Collaboration with Covetrus® to Elevate Pet Healthcare

Providing more veterinary professionals across the U.S. access to standardized radiograph interpretation, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is the driving force behind a newly announced industry partnership.

Texas-based biotechnology company SignalPET, which currently has a presence in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, has announced a strategic collaboration with global animal health technology and services company Covetrus.

Per the partnership, clinics through Covetrus’ sales channel will have immediate access to SignalPET’s point-of-care radiograph interpretation solutions, which are powered by AI and machine-learning technology. The solution provides rapid, accurate results to help increase workflow efficiencies at the point-of-care in veterinary hospitals, SignalPET reports.

“The technology portfolio and distribution channel made Covetrus the best choice for SignalPET and its customers,” says SignalPET’s vice president of sales and marketing, Nitay Gold. “We are thrilled to fulfill our mission and provide more veterinarians access to receive the full benefit from every radiographic film at the practice and enable high-quality care at a lower cost to all patients.”

“The partnership with SignalPET gives us access to technology solutions we have never had before,” adds Trevor Eaton, executive director of supplier relations at Covetrus. “We are excited to get this into our product portfolio.”