SignalPET discusses the future of AI in veterinary medicine

At the 2023 New York Vet Show

The SignalPET team was on hand to lead a comprehensive presentation entitled Leveraging AI for Enhanced Companion Animal Care: Transforming the Veterinary Industry

How AI presents solutions to current veterinary challenges

Dr. Neil Shaw, SignalPET Founder and Chief Veterinary Officer

Dr. Shaw opened the discussion by highlighting the existing challenges within the specialty standards of veterinary care. He discussed how AI can offer solutions to these challenges, emphasizing the potential benefits such as improved diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, and personalized treatment plans.

Methodology, applications & processes

Dr. Gloria Ndhlovu, SignalPET Director of Quality Assurance

Dr. Ndhlovu delved into the methodology and practical application of AI in the field. She provided insights into the processes behind AI implementation in veterinary practices and shared examples of how AI models are trained.

AI implementation in the real world

Dr. Emily Angell, SignalPET VP of Clinical Research & Development 

Dr. Angell focused on the specific applications of AI in veterinary practice. She discussed various case studies and real-world examples where AI has been successfully integrated into clinical workflows, leading to enhanced patient outcomes and operational efficiencies.

AI Tech: a revolution in veterinary care

Overall, the talk offered a thorough exploration of how AI technology is being used to revolutionize companion animal care, demonstrating both the current state and future potential of AI in the veterinary industry.