SignalPET explores the next great evolution in veterinary radiology

At the 2023 London Vet Show

The founder of SignalPET joined two renowned veterinary experts for a presentation entitled AI: The Evolution of Radiology

Presentation overview

The session, led by SignalPET Co-founder and CEO Lior Kuyer, as well as Dr. Avi Avner and Dr. Alex Kearsley-Fleet, delved into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the field of radiology, emphasizing the shift from traditional methods to advanced AI-driven techniques.

Key points discussed:

Introduction to AI in radiology

Dr. Avner introduced the concept of AI in radiology, comparing its efficiency and effectiveness to traditional human-driven methods. He outlined how AI is reshaping the landscape of medical imaging.

Challenges faced by human clinicians

The talk highlighted the inherent challenges that human clinicians face, such as variability in diagnostic accuracy and the physical and cognitive strain associated with large volumes of image analyses.

Advantages of AI in image recognition

The presentation included AI’s capability to recognize and interpret complex patterns in imaging data with high accuracy and speed. This technology significantly enhances diagnostic processes and outcomes.

AI in film reading

The speakers discussed the specific advantages of using AI for film reading, noting improvements in sensitivity and accuracy that surpass traditional methods.

Practical implementation of AI technology

Dr. Kearsley-Fleet shared insights from the deployment of SignalPET, an AI-driven diagnostic tool, across numerous veterinary practices under IVC Evidensia. She discussed the real-world benefits and learnings from integrating AI into daily veterinary practice.

The future of AI in radiology

The discussion concluded with an exploration on the future potential of AI in radiology, emphasizing ongoing advancements and the critical role of AI in enhancing diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in veterinary medicine. The session provided a comprehensive look at how AI is not just supplementing but revolutionizing radiological practices.