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Respiratory Emergencies: Don't Let Them Take Your Breath Away

Oral Masses in Veterinary Practice

On-Demand CE Webinar

In this hour, we will talk about the range of oral masses and consider what kind of conversations we should be having with these families.

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Respiratory Emergencies: Don't Let Them Take Your Breath Away

Respiratory Emergencies

On-Demand CE Webinar

In this webinar we will cover common presentations and clinical signs associated with respiratory emergencies.

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Dental Woes: What Really is the Difference Between Periodontal Disease and Endodontic Disease

Dental Woes: Periodontal vs Endodontic Disease

On-Demand CE Webinar

We will revisit the etiology and thought process associated with periodontal disease versus endodontic disease in our patients.

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Dental Emergencies: What's a Veterinary Clinic to Do?

Dental Emergencies: What's a Veterinary Clinic to Do?

On-Demand CE Webinar

In this course, Dr. Donnell Hansen reviews what true dental emergencies are and what kind of time frame we have to address/support these patients.

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Can you see it now? AI Integration Into Radiology

AI Integration Into Radiology

On-Demand CE Webinar

This course discusses machine learning and its direct application to improving veterinary care focused on radiological interpretation.

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Feline Dental Radiography Webinar

Feline Dental Radiography

On-Demand CE Webinar

Learn how to confidently detect oral pathology and develop treatment plans for felines in this free, 1-hour CE webinar.

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Canine Dental Radiography Webinar

Canine Dental Radiography

On-Demand CE Webinar

Dr. Donnell Hansen, DAVDC, walks through the common indications of dental radiology in canines and discusses common dental problems & their associated treatment plans.

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The Coughing Dog, Radiology and Resporatory Assessments Webinar

The Coughing Dog:
Cardiac or Respiratory?

On-Demand CE Webinar

Dr. Alan Spier, DACVIM, board certified veterinary cardiologist, will explore several real-world case examples and deep dive into the different disease processes that must be differentiated to establish a diagnosis.

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From The SignalPET Community

Read Dr. Hurley's Story

"When I first looked at SignalPET, I thought this is going to be revolutionary. We now have a service that reviews all of our X-rays and provides better care for our patients."

Dr. Brian Hurley, DVM

Gardner Animal Care Center

"All the veterinarians and staff really, really liked SignalPET and we were really pleased with the ease of the software. We found that it added incredible value for our radiology services. Our patients are now able to get care faster, and our clients are really really pleased to see all the good test results."

Dr. Kerry Peterson, DVM

Pet Wellness Clinics

Read Dr. Certa's Story

"We take the x-rays and wait for the SignalPET reports to come in before we call the clients just to get that second confirmation. And the reports come back really quickly. I think the clients really like that; where they can see where the problems were."

Dr. Brooke Certa, DVM

Coastal Animal Clinic

Read Dr. Nair's Story

"It's definitely not a replacement for a radiologist, but it serves a very important like kind of stepping stone function, helping you decide what cases actually need that escalation to that radiologist or which cases you can deal with yourself in house that you don't need a specialist to come in and read out."

Dr. Vijay Nair, VMD

Veterinary Emergency Center

Read Dr. Vineyard's Story

"As a practice owner, having SignalPET for my other doctors is really nice. One of them is a new grad and so, when she's working, SignalPET is able to give her that assurance if I'm not on site; she has something to back her up."

Dr. Sarah Vineyard, DVM

Owner, Colony Veterinary Hospital

Read Dr. Lawnichak's Story

"SignalPET makes technology a little bit easier, especially for those who are not as technologically advanced as others."

Dr. Tyler Lawnichak, DVM

St. Augustine Regional Veterinary Emergency Center

"Our practice has been using SignalPET since day one of their launch. The AI technology is absolutely amazing and it has raised our level of confidence reading radiographs immensely with little additional cost to the client. We utilize SignalPET for every radiograph we take regardless of how simple the case may be. Many times SignalPET has found signals that we would surely have missed in our busy day practice such as tiny uroliths, pulmonary masses, and subtle orthopedic abnormalities to name a few."

Dr. Howard J. Small, VMD

Forest Lakes Animal Clinic

"We have had an excellent experience thus far and are very excited to integrate the SignalPET format into both practices. We have found the format to be easy to use and very helpful in interpreting our radiographs."

Dr. Gaines White, DVM

Conyers Animal Hospital

Read Dr. Bradley's Story

"To me, the biggest thing is being able to show my clients the value they are getting. With SignalPET, I can send the client the "client friendly" report and with that, they can see for themselves the value of the money they spent on those X-rays. I think that's very important and invaluable.."

Dr. Karen Bradley

Owner, Onion River Animal Hospital


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