SignalPET Customers

Real-world stories on the impact of AI-supported veterinary radiology

MAY 21, 2020

Dr. Sarah Vineyard
Colony Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Sarah Vineyard is a veterinarian and practice owner of two small animal practices in the San Diego area. With one part time doctor and an associate veterinarian at each hospital, she utilizes radiographs every single day. After a year and a half with SignalPET, Dr. Vineyard states “It's such an inexpensive way of getting so much extra information and no hesitancy.” Colony Veterinary Hospital has increased their radiograph readings by 30% since joining SignalPET and has seen appreciation from the clients in the accuracy and simplicity of the reports.


MAY 15, 2020

Dr. Brian Hurley
Gardner Animal Care Center / AmeriVet

As the National Medical Director of AmeriVet, overseeing 63 veterinary hospitals throughout the U.S., Dr. Brian Hurley has a lot on his plate. He has been the Co-Owner of Gardner Animal Care Center for the last 16 years and considers himself a “techie geek.” With radiology reading prices on the rise, using SignalPET was a “no brainer” to save money and enhance efficiency and timing in his hospitals. As he brings on young veterinarians getting ready to start in practice, he sees it as an effective tool for confidence building in terms of accurate diagnosis of patients.


MAY 14, 2020

Dr. Tyler Lawnichak
St. Augustine Regional Veterinary Emergency Center

Dr. Tyler Lawnichak is an emergency veterinarian at St. Augustine Regional Vet Emergency Center in Florida. He spends much of his time utilizing radiographs during the hours that primary veterinary hospitals are closed. On average, Dr. Lawnichak’s clinic reviews about 21 x-ray cases each week, 2-3 each shift. With this high volume of x-rays, getting faster and reliable results is the number one goal for his practice. Dr. Lawnichak mentions “SignalPET is the easiest thing to send out for because it does come back the quickest.”


MAY 7, 2020

Dr. Vijay Nair
Veterinary Emergency Group

Dr. Vijay Nair is the Medical Director of Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), a multistate group of veterinary practices in New York and New Jersey. He personally runs 4 of the VEG locations, with about 4-5 veterinarians per location. As an emergency center, 25-30% of VEG’s cases require an x-ray and each x-ray is now sent to SignalPET, with a 5-10 minute turnaround with results, designed for the emergency setting. “At VEG, we are using SignalPET as the default now. When we open a new hospital, we open it with SignalPET right off the gate. It really is our second set of eyes always.”

APRIL 29, 2020

Dr. Brooke Certa
Coastal Animal Clinic

Dr. Brooke Certa, a graduate of the University of Florida, is the owner and practicing veterinarian alongside her husband at Coastal Animal Clinic in Largo, Florida. The customers of this family-owned clinic really appreciate the printed, client-friendly radiology reports that they can take home. Dr. Brooke Certa explains how their radiology workflow has become faster and more efficient with SignalPET and why their clients LOVE receiving radiology reports.