SignalSMILE’s patented veterinary AI technology uses machine learning to assess companion animal dental radiographs in real time for to aid practitioners in the diagnostic process.

Introducing signalsmile

Detect common pathologies on dental x-rays with AI

Our advanced machine learning instantly detects the most common pathologies on companion animal dental X-rays, helping vets provide faster intervention, lowering the cost of quality care and enhancing patient outcomes.


Take the guesswork out of dental radiology

Nearly 8 out of 10 dogs and cats seen by veterinarians need dental care, yet a much smaller percentage receive it.
At least 60% of a patient’s tooth lies below the gum line, which makes intraoral radiographs essential to proper evaluation and treatment of dental disease.

SignalSMILE Test Panels

Abnormality Indicator – Region of Abnormality

Dental panel

  • Severe Attachment Loss
  • Furcation Bone Loss
  • Periapical Lucency
  • Resorptive Lesion
  • Retained Root
  • Tooth Fracture
  • Significant Tooth with Pathology


Engage and empower clients with shareable radiology reports

The days of typing up assessments and findings are over. SignalSMILE automatically generates a shareable report for point-of-care review that guides client communication and increases compliance and satisfaction.

Give your clients better answers, faster.

Dental Imaging Systems & SignalSMILE

SignalSMILE receives images via DICOM. This simply means we create a connection between your imaging system and our systems. There’s no additional hardware or software involved!

Our current integrations