SignalPACS™ is a state-of-the-art Web PACS that offers convenient access to patient studies from any device that is connected to the internet. SignalPACS is created with the most modern functionality, cybersecurity and eaze.

SignalPACS™ comes with unlimited storage.

SignalPACS™ Toolbar

SignalPACS™ toolbar functions are specifically designed for all clinician needs. With these new tool functions, viewing your images has never been easier!

x10 Zoom

There are several ways you can zoom in and out.

1. You can use the simple functions of your mouse curser that allow you to zoom in and out.

2. You can also select the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar on the top left of your screen to activate the tool.


By clicking on the 3 letter abbreviations of the SignalRAY™ tests, you can view the following;

    • The region of interest (ROI) on the current image
    • The images that have a visible ROI for the chosen test


The "Rotate" icon on the toolbar rotates the image 90°.

The "Flip" icon on the toolbar flips the image 180°.


The "Contrast" icon on the toolbar helps you find the right contrast for your images. After clicking on this icon, you can simply hold down your mouse on the image, and move the contrast level from left to right.

The "Invert" icon on the toolbar inverts the image. If you wish to go back to the original version, you can click on the icon one more time.

Side by Side Image Comparison

By clicking on the "Plus" icon on the bottom right side of your images, you can view two images at the same time.

In-App Ruler

The "In-App Ruler" icon on the toolbar helps you measure digitally.

With this tool, you can now measure your patient's VHS or use it for other calculations you may need.


If, at any point, you want to go back to the original image settings, you can click on the "Home" icon to disable all other toolbar functions.

Full Screen

If you wish to view your images on a bigger screen, you can do so by using the "Full Screen" tool.

To exit this view, you can click on "Esc" button on your keyboard.