SignalCARE™ is a modern diagnosis workflow. As a veterinarian, SignalCARE™ creates an easy to use environment in which you can review your tests, diagnose your patient and recommend treatment to provide your client with the best quality communication and customized reporting.

SignalCARE Actions

With SignalCARE™, you can now generate your client-friendly report in just 60 seconds and hand it to your client.

This report includes 5 sections which are the following:

    • SignalRAY™ test results
    • Your assessments
    • Your plans
    • Your additional notes (*Optional)
    • The radiographic images

All sections are completely customizable and can be changed.

SignalCARE™ Reporting

You can start generating your reports by clicking on the "Diagnose" button on the top right hand side of your study.

1. SignalRAY™ Test Results

In this section, you can select the normal/abnormal SignalRAY™ tests that you want to "work on" in the upcoming sections.

If there are any tests that you do not want to include in your report, you can simply deselect them.

Additionally, if there are any other test results that you want to include, you can also manually add your own test results.

2. Assessments (Differentials)

The recommended assessments will be prepopulated based on which test results you select in the SignalRAY™ TEST RESULTS section.

You can now select the appropriate assesments based on the curated test results. You can also add your custom assessments to this section in needed.

3. Plans

The recommended plans will be prepopulated based on what you chose in the ASSESSMENTS section.

This list includes DX, TX, RX and Follow-Up. You can also add your custom plans to this section if needed.

4. Notes

This section is used if there is any additional information the clinician wants to add in the report.

It is completely optional.

5. The Radiographic Images

We know that the patients love seeing their pet's x-rays and sharing them with their family members and friends.

All images will be included in the end of the report.

SignalCARE™ Example Report