Our technology assists veterinarians with the interpretation of radiographs and helps patients to receive better care.

Our products were built with the veterinarian in mind and patient at heart. Using state-of-the-art technology and expertise in machine vision, we create products that help veterinarians gain instant diagnostic value and make decisions with reduced effort.

benefits for veterinarians


Improved Quality Care

Instant radiology test panels for most clinical findings.


Increased Client Satisfaction

Individualized reports available as a client handout.


Increased Affordability

No upfront purchase, no hardware, no software cost, no monthly subscription, no consulting fees.



SignalRAD provides veterinarians with instant radiology test panels that cover 50+ tests. Our patent pending AI platform has been trained using millions of data points to produce consistent and accurate test results. As a veterinarian, SignalRAD will add tremendous value to your radiology process in-clinic.


SignalPACS is a modern state-of-the-art web PACS that can be used on any radiology machine, terminal, computer, tablet or phone. With features such as annotations, unlimited storage, sharing and much more. We know you will benefit from using SignalPACS at your clinic.


SignalFLOW is a modern diagnosis workflow. As a veterinarian, SignalFLOW creates an easy to use environment in which you can review your tests, diagnose your patient and recommend treatment to provide your client with the best quality communication and customized reporting.