Beyond a traditional radiology review

In a world where speed is crucial, SignalPET stands as the leader in providing speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the field of radiograph interpretation services.

45 min turnaround guaranteed

As low as $60
per study

SignalSTAT is a unique blend of AI and human expertise, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with radiology expert oversight throughout the process.


Full body interpretation at point-of-care with instant results.

SignalRAY patented technology utilizes AI and deep machine learning to assess companion animal radiographs in real time to provide proven, reliable results.


Dental interpretation at point-of-care with instant results.

SignalSMILE is an advanced technology solution that’s ushering in a new wave of AI-powered dentistry in veterinary medicine.


Immediate vet-to-vet support from SignalPET veterinarians.

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The MEDICAL CLARIFICATIONS button grants free access to initiate a chat. Our vets will be ready to help with the AI interpretation.