Emergency Veterinary Hospital, Ann Arbor Partners with SignalPET

Emergency Veterinary Hospital, Ann Arbor, (EVH) a leading local emergency pet hospital, announces its partnership with SignalPET, offering a revolutionary new artificial intelligence technology for reviewing pet x-rays for faster, higher-quality patient care.

SignalPET provides a “second set of eyes” for routine veterinary radiology screenings, offering objective, reliable assessment of more than 50 radiographic tests on every study, instantly. There is no hardware involved, and films can be reviewed from any screen connected to the internet — all at an exceptionally low cost.

“We founded SignalPET to help veterinarians deliver the highest standards of care in their practices,” said SignalPET Co-founder and CMO Dr. Neil Shaw, DACVIM. “We found a way to make the everyday use of x-rays as a diagnostic tool achievable for the majority of veterinarians by creating an incredibly easy-to-use solution that leverages artificial intelligence in a way no one was doing before. And the results are remarkable. It’s rapidly raising the bar on the standard of care in our industry.”

“In emergency situations, time is of the essence! At EVH, we believe in utilizing innovative technology that helps us merge efficiency and accuracy to provide quick, high-quality care to our patients. With SignalPET, our team can rapidly evaluate radiographs, share them in a team setting for additional input, and this has drastically improved our ability to initiate treatment for patients sooner. I cannot speak highly enough about this amazing technology!” says Dr. Lindsay Ruland, Practice Owner and Chief of Medicine for EVH.

With the SignalPET technology, veterinarians benefit from increased confidence in assessing each radiograph, leveraging consistent, objective results for each study. The technology automatically examines the complete study, helping clinicians confirm nothing has been overlooked. Plus, pet owners have a report immediately available, as well as access to their pet’s x-rays.

“SignalPET rapidly uploads our images directly from our x-ray machine and within just a few minutes we have an AI interpretation that we can use to enhance our clinical picture of our patient,” Dr. Ruland says. “And that is what is so unique about this program. Even with its incredibly advanced technology, it is not designed to replace a veterinarian’s interpretation of a patient’s diagnosis, but instead is there as another puzzle piece to help supplement care. At EVH we know each patient is unique and diagnostics may not tell the whole story which is why we use these puzzle pieces to help us understand the story and then initiate targeted, timely care.”

About Emergency Veterinary Hospital, Ann Arbor

Founded in 2012, Emergency Veterinary Hospital is an AAHA-accredited 24-hr emergency hospital that treats small animals and exotic species. At EVH, we believe that achieving the highest quality of medicine begins with approaching each patient as a unique individual whose needs are not necessarily the same as another. We utilize advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to bring a severely needed service in which veterinary diagnostics are gold-standard while still being affordable to the client, which creates far more opportunities for pets to receive the treatments they need. Learn more at https://emergencyvetannarbor.com.

About SignalPET

SignalPET was created to help clinicians gain more diagnostic value from traditional radiographs. Powered by patented artificial intelligence, SignalPET provides objective, reliable AI results on over 50 of the most common routine radiology findings seen by general and emergency veterinarians. Learn why veterinary professionals around the country are choosing SignalPET for high-quality radiology results that lower costs and save time at https://www.signalpet.com