How SignalPET Speeds Up Workflows at Emergency Clinics

Published by Dr. Vijay Nair | Veterinary Emergency Center



Dr. Vijay Nair is the Medical Director of Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), a multistate group of veterinary practices in New York and New Jersey. A graduate of Penn State, he has been in veterinary medicine for 7 years. He personally runs 4 of the 13 VEG locations, with about 4-5 veterinarians per location.

As an emergency center, 25-30% of VEG’s cases require an x-ray, leading to about 20-30 x-rays a night across the hospital group. Standard procedure is to send x-rays to a radiologist to have them read overnight, or in emergency situations, have it looked over alone by the veterinarian. This did not prove sustainable for Dr. Nair’s hospital group based on their need for low cost, timely reading of x-rays each night.

"It really is our second set of eyes, always."

-Dr. Vijay Nair


Dr. Nair knew about SignalPET from previously working at BluePearl, a specialty and emergency veterinary hospital group founded by Dr. Neil Shaw. He implemented a free trial at two of his hospitals and, after receiving positive feedback, he advocated for SignalPET to be used at all locations.


After seeing the impact SignalPET has left on the hospitals with fast turnaround time and affordability, Dr. Nair now tells, “When we open a new hospital, we open it with SignalPET in mind right off the gate.”

Dr. Nair shares that each of their x-rays are now sent to SignalPET, with a 5-10 minute turnaround time for results, a timeliness that is ideal for the emergency setting. From there, it’s up to the doctor to decide if further review is necessary. “We are using SignalPET as the default now. It's not something that we're choosing to use in certain cases or not. It really is our second set of eyes always.”

“It's definitely not a replacement for a radiologist, but it serves a very important...stepping stone function, helping you decide what cases actually need that escalation to that radiologist or which cases you can deal with yourself in house that you don't need a specialist to come in and read out.”