How SignalPET Helps Pet Owners Partner With Their Veterinarians to Make Treatment Decisions

Published by Dr. Jaime Pickett | Pet Paradise

Forever Vets Case Study


Dr. Jaime Pickett is the Chief Veterinary Officer at Pet Paradise, a comprehensive pet care company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida with over 50 resorts in 10 states and 23 vet clinics. Pet Paradise offers comprehensive pet care services including day camp, boarding, vet care and grooming. With 30 veterinarians on staff, Pet Paradise takes radiographs daily. As with many veterinary groups, Pet Paradise was looking for ways to increase efficiencies at their locations and overcome the challenges faced by a shortage of veterinarians, and timely consultation services.


Pet Paradise first learned about SignalPET at the VMX show. Innovation is one of Pet Paradise's core values and they recognized the unique benefits which SignalPET's Artificial Intelligence could offer to their practitioners. Pet Paradise felt SignalPET would be a perfect fit for their veterinarians and company as a whole and implemented SignalPET at their facilities.


When a patient comes for an X-ray at Pet Paradise, they take the patient to the treatment area while the vet care team takes X-rays, then the patient is returned to its pet parent in the exam room. With SignalPET technology now on board, they are able to provide pet parents with a client-friendly report instantly, so they can be educated to the treatment of their pet, and partner with the veterinarian to make fully informed decisions. This increases the efficiency of the hospitals, makes the client more satisfied with the process, and helps the clinicians manage their cases as effectively as possible. According to Dr. Pickett; "From both a medical and operational standpoint, it's been a win-win. Not only does SignalPET help the veterinarians, but it gives pet parents decision making power, which ultimately leads to healthy, happy pets. Plus, the veterinarians and vet techs are really enjoying using it."

SignalPET is proud to partner with Pet Paradise and make the diagnostic screening process as efficient and informative as possible for their staff and customers.