Improving business practices and streamlining radiology workflows

Published by Dr. Karen Bradley | Onion River Animal Hospital



Dr. Karen Bradley has been a practicing veterinarian for the past 24 years and owns Onion River Animal Hospital in Montpelier, Vermont. She watched her hospital grow from 3 doctors to 8 over a five year period, where they see from 40-55 patients daily and conduct about 70 radiographic studies each month.

With so many patients coming in and out, they keep up with the latest technology, from iPhone apps to telemedicine platforms. With the rise in popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dr. Bradley became curious about how to use the technology to her advantage, and improve the medical outcomes for her patients.


Based on conversations with other veterinary practices, Dr. Bradley was interested in how to use AI to obtain the best radiology readings available. After seeing the use of AI in the human medical field, she decided to test it in the veterinary setting, and signed up for SignalPET.


Using SignalPET opened up Dr. Bradley’s eyes to many potential improvements for her practice. Since adopting the technology, her team has seen incredible value and time-savings from having the diagnostic “confidence boost” of a second set of eyes from the AI.

With better imaging in her hospital, SignalPET’s AI software can provide near real-time results, help train newer veterinary associates, safeguard against tunnel vision, and provide easy-to-read reports for both the doctors and the clients.

Since adopting SignalPET, Onion River Animal Hospital has reduced the number of 3rd party radiologist reviews by half, resulting in a total cost savings of 45% for the hospital. They’ve also elevated the standard of care they provide to all patients, by incorporating the objective, reliable AI results into their diagnostic process for every study.

“We are sending less cases to be reviewed by specialty radiologists because we are getting that confirmation and confidence from the SignalPET read, which costs me about 20% of what a radiology read would cost.”

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