Getting Faster Radiology Answers While Keeping the Same Workflow

Published by Dr. Ricci and Dr. Chatfield | New Tampa Animal Hospital

Forever Vets Case Study


New Tampa Animal Hospital, founded in 2008 and based in Lutz, Florida, offers an array of companion animal care services including routine wellness, critical care, advanced orthopedics, and reconstructive surgery. The clinic has 3 veterinarians on staff and performs radiographic studies on a daily basis. This busy clinic focuses on offering the latest advances in pain relief for their animal companion patients, and in providing real value for their customers.


Dr. Mara Ricci, the owner of New Tampa Animal Hospital, recognized the benefits which SignalPET could offer to her clinic. Both as a way to better communicate radiographic findings with clients, and as a tool which could help increase efficiencies for her team overall. Because SignalPET works with existing radiology equipment, it would also be a seamless addition to their current equipment and protocols.


According to Dr. Ricci, her team currently uses SignalPET for every radiology study, often multiple times a day. "We perform quite a number of X-rays and have been very pleased with the results of SignalPET." Her team appreciates how quickly it provides highly accurate diagnostic results, and that it requires no additional work time for their technicians. As a result, the doctors now have more time to manage other cases which they are working on congruently, improving daily office efficiencies for her entire team.

"We're doing everything the same as before" said Charlie, Vet Tech. "But with SignalPET, now the doctor gets the radiography report in less than ten minutes." Working seamlessly with existing protocols is a key benefit which SignalPET provides. "It really doesn't interrupt our efficiency or workflow at all", added Dr. Jennifer Chatfield, Associate Veterinarian.

Because of its ease of use and seamless integration with existing equipment, SignalPET has proven to improve the confidence of clinicians with radiograph interpretation. By providing a highly accurate first interpretation of films, it increases the confidence of doctors to utilize the X-ray machine more often as a diagnostic tool. The best part is that doctors don't have to change anything in their daily workflow, and are able to communicate radiographic findings with their patients in a much more timely, and efficient manner. This benefits both their patients and the companion animals being treated.

SignalPET is proud to partner with New Tampa Animal Hospital, and to empower their entire team with the latest radiology technology powered by A.I.