Why having instant AI radiology reports is crucial for a single-doctor practice

Published by Dr. Jag Jeevan Patlola | Holiday Park Animal Hospital



Dr. Jag Jeevan Patlola (“Dr. JJ”), studied in India before moving to the U.S. in 2004 to begin his veterinary career. He owns 3 clinics and can usually be found at Holiday Park Animal Hospital. They currently have 1 doctor at each practice and are currently working on bringing on another. Each day holds about 6-7 patients and radiographs are regular.


Dr. Patlola began looking for something to provide fast results for his radiographs at an affordable cost. They found that specialty radiograph consultation results were notoriously slow, often taking 3-4 hours to come back, which was of particular frustration in emergency cases.

When he heard about SignalPET from another veterinary group, he was immediately impressed with the technology and affordability of the program.


Now using SignalPET since early 2020, Dr. Patlola says he highly recommends this technology to other veterinarians.

“I like this service because my colleagues and I appreciate the second set of eyes, where you can immediately talk to the client afterwards,” he comments.

“Using SignalPET is very economical and convenient. If I have to send an X-ray to a radiologist, it would cost me much more and would take at least a day to get the results. But with SignalPET, I get the results in about ten minutes with the printed report and everything. We can give our clients an instant report and they really appreciate that.”

Dr. Patlola also appreciates the comprehensive and reliable review of the full study by SignalPET’s patented AI, saying, “If a patient comes for like a GI problem, we are more focused on the GI problem. I never used to pay attention to the spine. But right now with SignalPET sometimes it's like it makes me look into the spinal cord and everything. So it was really amazing. Even the finer details too. It will catch [those things] and it will let me know that there is a problem in the discs and that was really amazing.”