Using radiology AI technology to treat pets faster and more effectively

Published by Dr. Galipalli and Dr. Starr | Forever Vets Animal Hospital

Forever Vets Case Study

Dr. Shashi Galipalli, the practice owner, and Dr. James Starr, the medical director, at Forever Vets Animal Hospitals, a 9-practice veterinary network in Florida, explain how they utilize the radiology AI technology. Dr. G and his colleagues have seen tremendous value in the way that SignalPET helps enable them to not only provide great care but to provide rapid diagnostics. They can now communicate more transparently with clients and proceed with the treatment process much faster, so pets can get treated more effectively.

Dr. Galipalli & Dr. Starr

Dr. Shashi Galipalli and Dr. James Starr of Forever Vets Animal Hospital

Canine client receiving x-rays

"When a patient comes in, x-rays is going to be our number one diagnostic tool to use. So we did take our patient back to further assess doing some x-rays, and then we send it to SignalPET to give us a little bit more information and a little bit more confidence as to what's going on with the patient."

Canine client receiving x-rays

"The clients [may have more] questions, and then we can pull down on the right side of the screen all the differentials and the breakdowns of what could be possibly causing this"

Canine client receiving x-rays

"A lot of times [clients have] family members they want to talk to and they have a lot of questions, so SignalPET really helps with printing these user-friendly discharges as well."