Increasing the number of x-rays taken in the hospital by 30%

Published by Dr. Sarah Vineyard | Colony Veterinary Hospital



Dr. Sarah Vineyard is a veterinarian and the owner of two small animal practices in the San Diego area. After graduating from Western University of Health Sciences, she worked in general small animal emergencies for 5 years before buying her own practice, Colony Veterinary Hospital. She has been the owner for the last 7 years and continues to look at ways to improve her client satisfaction. With one part time doctor and an associate veterinarian at each hospital, she utilizes radiographs every single day.


Dr. Vineyard was searching for an effective way to get a second opinion on her x-ray readings when she came across SignalPET. Before, Colony Veterinary Hospital would get radiologist reviews only for unusual or complex cases. Now, utilizing SignalPET, they are able to get a virtual “second set of eyes” on all radiographs, and receive a physical report they are able to provide to their clients. The practice was looking for faster results and more improved diagnostic confidence; they found it in SignalPET.


Clients now receive a full report, action plan, and fast results. “It's really nice because we can give the pet owners a printed copy of the report from SignalPET, so it gives them more of a value-added feel to what they just spent their money on.”

Colony Veterinary Hospital has increased their radiograph readings by 30% since adopting SignalPET and have seen appreciation from the clients in the accuracy and simplicity of the reports. “They've all been pretty appreciative of the report coming through because it's quick, I can talk to him on the phone and send them the report at the same time.”

The AI has also helped Dr. Vineyard and her associates to catch things they might have overlooked when caring for patients.

“We had a dog come in for spinal X-rays and we weren't really looking at the heart, but we just happened to have it in the film. And on the first pass, we didn't catch that it had a mildly increased vertebral heart score, but SignalPET did. So we went back and said, you know what? Yeah, it is. When we worked that case up, they had early onset heart disease.”