Improving Care Quality and Client Satisfaction with SignalRAY®

Published by Dr. Brooke Certa | Coastal Animal Clinic



Dr. Brooke Certa, a graduate of the University of Florida, is the owner and practicing veterinarian alongside her husband, Michael Certa, at Coastal Animal Clinic. She and her husband met in Gainesville while attending UoF and moved to Pinellas County in 2008 to start their careers.

Prior to purchasing Coastal Animal Clinic in 2019, Dr. Brooke Certa has worked in corporate medicine, took leadership roles with Banfield Veterinary Group and managed a large number of hospitals. In addition, Dr. Certa was honored with the Florida Veterinary Medical Association’s Gold Star Award in 2017 for her outstanding contributions to veterinary medicine.

Coastal Animal Clinic now has been using SignalPET since November 2019 and on average conducts about 10-12 radiographic studies per week.

"I don't have to send my radiology studies out and spend more on the consults anymore to get the results; versus the SignalPET test results that arrive instantly. It's really efficient for the practice."

-Dr. Brooke Certa



Coastal Animal Clinic has three veterinarians on call, limited staff and resources. They rely on technology to help make the practice more successful and service clients in a timely and efficient manner. As a family-owned practice, they always strive to find the best technological solutions to enhance client satisfaction at their practice.

When it comes to radiographic interpretation, Dr. Certa mentions even though she has her husband in the clinic, they routinely make sure to get an additional set of eyes on radiographs before communicating with the clients. In addition, they struggled to bridge the disconnect between the exam room and the “back room” and help communicate to clients the full value of their radiological services.


Dr. Certa and her husband realized the benefits of SignalPET’s outstanding technology in improving confidence levels in reading radiographs, in addition to the client satisfaction that the transparent, easy-to-read client reports would provide. Coastal Animal Clinic tried SignalPET’s free trial and immediately impressed.

One of the main benefits for Coastal Animal Clinic is the complete review of every study, every time, which helps safeguard against practitioner fatigue and tunnel vision.

“It just gives you that second set of eyes and the confirmation without having to do a full radiologist consultation, because sometimes, it might be something that you aren’t 90% sure on.”

The automatically-generated, client-friendly reports have greatly improved their ability to communicate with their clients. “Before we didn’t have a nice report system for the x-rays to give to our clients. We would walk them back and show them the x-rays. But with SignalPET, it has been a lot easier and more efficient to just print out the report and go over it with them.”

When asked about how SignalPET has impacted the bottom line for Coastal Animal Clinic, Dr. Certa commented, “I don't have to send my radiology studies out and spend more on the consults anymore to get the results; versus the SignalPET test results that arrive instantly. It’s really efficient for the practice.”