Elevating Patient Care with AI-supported Radiology

Published by Dr. Brian Hurley | Gardner Animal Care Center



As the National Medical Director overseeing 63 veterinary hospitals throughout the U.S., Dr. Brian Hurley has a lot on his plate. He has been the co-owner of Gardner Animal Care Center for the last 16 years and considers himself a “techie geek.”

With radiology reading prices on the rise, using SignalPET was a “no brainer” to save money and enhance efficiency and speed up the workflows for veterinarians in his hospitals.

"When I first looked at SignalPET, I thought this is going to be revolutionary. We have a service that reviews all of our X-rays and provides better care for our patients."

-Dr. Brian Hurley


When considering any new tools or technologies, it’s critical for veterinarians that they’re able to clearly show that they improve their ability to take care of their patients, with the secondary goal of making things more efficient for their practitioners.

“When I first looked at SignalPET, I thought this is going to be revolutionary. We have a service that reviews all of our x-rays and provides better care for our patients,” said Dr. Hurley.


Since using SignalPET, Dr. Hurley and his associates have seen the immense benefit of having reliable, fast radiology results to help them provide the best possible medical care to their patients.

The additional safeguard against subjectivity and “tunnel vision” that can often coincide with a busy veterinary practice environment was a huge selling point for Dr. Hurley.

“The other day, a cat came in limping. I couldn't find anything wrong with it. I took some x-rays, glanced at them, and didn't see anything. 45 minutes later, I sat down to write up my chart, I opened up the SignalPET report, and it identified a hairline fracture in the paw. My business partner and I were blown away, it helped us identify something I missed,” he said.

Additionally, as they bring on younger veterinarians to their practice, he sees it as an effective tool for confidence building and educational support.

SignalPET has been both a cost-reducer and a revenue generator for Dr. Hurley’s practice.

“Not only do you have the benefit of patient care, but you have an inexpensive second pair of eyes that are also looking at our practices. On top of that, if you need the view from a radiologist, you have a much more cost effective means of getting that done using SignalPET.”