Fast, confident radiology interpretations supported by artificial intelligence

Published by Dr. Eric Hansen | A Caring Vet Hospital



Dr. Eric Hansen is the founder and CEO of A Caring Vet Hospital in Utah Valley. His hospital has two locations with five doctors. The practice utilizes radiographs 30-40 times a week, with each doctor taking an average of 6 to 8 x-rays daily. With this many radiographs being conducted weekly, confidence in readings, along with speedy results are the primary driving factors to ensure the best care for patients.


After discovering SignalPET and using the free trial, Dr. Hansen decided to implement the confidence-building technology at both of his locations. Dr. Hansen has always had an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and was thrilled to see positive results in his own hospital.

With the confidence of using SignalPET over time, the interpretation of results has become much faster for his team. Dr. Hansen reports that he enjoys the speedy turnaround time of the AI reports, which are available within minutes. Timely, reliable results are a big part of helping his team provide customers and their pets with the high-quality care that they’ve come to expect from A Caring Vet Hospital.

Dr. Hansen states, “It really gives us the confidence to say “Yes okay, we are done” when the AI interpretation comes back and it matches what we had seen.”


Dr. Hansen and his staff feel confident in the results they receive and their ability to make the best treatment recommendations for their patients. They always confirm their findings with SignalPET’s AI results before returning to the owner with information.

With SignalPET as their second set of eyes, they are less likely to miss abnormalities in their images and they can quickly, and confidently, return results to clients.

“To see what you thought you were seeing, highlighted by someone else, makes me feel a lot better about my interpretations. It makes you feel better when you have someone else who agrees, even if it’s an AI interpretation,” said Dr. Hansen.