Welcome to the SignalPET Blogs

Published Dr. Neil Shaw, DACVIM on April 1, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to SignalPET. This is our very first weekly blog post.

After several years of stealth development, we launched just this January. Colleagues around the world are now rapidly incorporating SignalPET® as part of their daily radiology practice.

Artificial intelligence is a new technology that is rapidly being adopted by multiple industries, in particular the medical fields. We understand the initial thought of technology enabled decision-making is disconcerting. However, just as we successfully evolved counting on our fingers, then using paper and pencil for more complex math problems, and then using calculators; we as a profession will embrace this new technology.

Together, we will go through this learning curve of the most exciting innovation in veterinary medicine in this century.

This weekly blog was served to introduce, orient, and update you to the latest SignalPET® developments, and the folks dedicated to this effort. Please always reach out if there are ever any questions. We would love to hear from you!


Dr. Neil Shaw, DACVIM (saim)