Case of the Week 6

This week’s case is a common cause of consternation, whether you are in general or ER practice; gastrointestinal foreign body and obstruction. This one’s easy to spot, but offers some insight into how multiple views can help make the correct diagnosis.

Case of the Week 5

This week we will discuss a case that has striking radiographic findings and how the description of the pulmonary pattern helps construct our list of differential diagnoses.

Case of the Week 4

This week we will evaluate thoracic radiographs on a cat with vomiting and occult respiratory signs. The disease is common, but this particular radiographic variation is rare.

Case of the Week 3

In this case we will evaluate radiographs from an approximately 6 week old puppy with presumed clinical signs of regurgitation and vomiting.

Case of the Week 2

Orthogonal radiographs of the thorax and abdomen were obtained to investigate for the cause of respiratory distress.

Case of the Week 1

In this case, we’ll examine thoracic radiographs from a canine patient with respiratory distress.

Case of Peritoneal Pericardial Diaphragmatic Hernias

PPDH is the most frequently observed congenital abnormality in feline and canine patients. This is frequently an incidental finding discovered during radiographic, CT or ultrasonographic imaging.

Dental radiology made easy with SignalSMILE

When it comes to interpreting dental radiographs, while we are all very capable, a second set of eyes™ can always be of great assistance in completing a complex assessment.

Case of Feline Radial Hemimelia

Recently, we have seen two cases of feline radial hemimelia, in which the radius is incompletely formed or absent.

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