Our Story

Founder, Neil Shaw, is a visionary for companion animal practice. He firmly believes that our profession will continue to advance not only by simply improving the quality of care, but by reducing the delivery cost as well. After relocating to San Diego -- a global leader in biotechnology development -- he founded SignalPET® to support the profession he has known his whole life and loves dearly. When asked why SignalPET®, he simply says "I don't know anything else outside of veterinary medicine".

SignalPET® was created to help veterinarians gain more diagnostic value from traditional radiographs. In Dr. Shaw's experience, it is always helpful to compare any diagnostic test to known normals. SignalPET®, a patented process, utilizes machine learning to develop normals based on millions of x-ray data points. Practitioners can now read their own films while instantly supported by the most advanced technology medicine has to offer. In addition, every time a veterinarian uses SignalPET®, the machine learning system improves, ultimately supporting veterinarians everywhere. Colleagues are invited and encouraged to help and shape our own future. SignalPET® fees have purposely been kept to the absolute minimum needed in order to democratize our profession and bring us together as a community.


Lior Kuyer

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Neil Shaw

Chief Medical Officer

Ben van Klinken

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Dolinka

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Erin Epperly

Director of Radiology

Dr. Heidi Greger

Veterinary Analyst

Dr. Emily Angell

Veterinary Analyst

Theresa Swank

Account Executive

Pamela Brener

Client Success Manager

Basak Ulku

Marketing Manager

Justin Hallquist

Senior Software Engineer

Nicholas Scramuzza

Technical Support