About SignalPET

The most advanced artificial intelligence technology in veterinary radiology

Who We Are

SignalPET was created to help clinicians gain more diagnostic value from traditional radiographs. Powered by patented artificial intelligence, clinicians are now instantly supported by the most advanced technology medicine has to offer.

SignalPET provides a second set of eyes™ for routine radiology screenings, offering objective, consistent results on over 50 radiology test panels that cover over 85% of the most common veterinary x-ray findings.

Our Commitment to Quality

SignalPET's mission is to ensure the highest level of medical quality to our clients. Powered by advanced machine learning and the world's largest database of annotated veterinary radiographs, our patented AI detects and deciphers digital images in a more comprehensive and superior manner than the human eye.

SignalPET's industry-leading artificial intelligence solution provides objective, consistent, data-driven results on radiographic studies in to support you, the practitioner, with the information and confidence to make the best possible decisions and ensure high-quality outcomes for your patients and clients.

Our Founder


Founder, Dr. Neil Shaw, is a visionary for companion animal practice.

He firmly believes that our profession will continue to advance not only by simply improving the quality of care, but by reducing the delivery cost as well. After relocating to San Diego — a global leader in biotechnology development — he founded SignalPET to support the profession he has known his whole life and loves dearly. When asked why SignalPET, he simply says “I don’t know anything else outside of veterinary medicine.”

SignalPET was created to help veterinarians gain more diagnostic value from traditional radiographs.

In Dr. Shaw’s experience, it is always helpful to compare any diagnostic test to known normals. SignalPET, a patented process, utilizes machine learning to develop normals based on millions of x-ray data points. Practitioners can now read their own films while instantly supported by the most advanced technology medicine has to offer. In addition, every time a veterinarian uses SignalPET, the machine learning system improves, ultimately supporting veterinarians everywhere. Colleagues are invited and encouraged to help and shape our own future. SignalPET fees have purposely been kept to the absolute minimum needed in order to democratize our profession and bring us together as a community.

What is SignalPET?

Our products were built with the veterinarian in mind and patient at heart.

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The SignalPET Team

Lior Kuyer

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Neil Shaw

Chief Medical Officer

Ben van Klinken

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Emily Angell

VP, Clinical R&D

Nitay Gold
Nitay Gold

VP, Sales & Marketing

Ludwig Hartmann
Ludwig Hartmann

VP, Business Operations

Astrid Vorster
Astrid Vorster

Director, Medical Operations

Pamela Brener
Pamela Brener

Director, Human Resources

Our Advisors

Dr. Doug Aspros

Chief Medical Officer
Veterinary Practice Partners

Dr. David Bessler

Chief Executive Officer
Veterinary Emergency Group

Dr. Karen Bradley

Veterinary Leader

Dr. Erick Mears

Medical Director
BluePearl Veterinary Partners

Dr. Jerry Owens

ACVR Diplomate
Author, Veterinary Leader

Dr. Doug Aspros

Chief Medical Officer, Veterinary Practice Partners

As a companion animal veterinarian, Dr. Douglas Aspros has been an owner of two AAHA-accredited practices and the managing partner of an ER in New York. Dr. Aspros served as the 2012-13 President of AVMA and is a Past-President of the NYSVMS. He has worked on behalf of the profession in diverse leadership roles in education, public health, nutrition, licensure and credentialing and risk management. He is currently co-owner of Bond Animal Hospital and Pound Ridge Veterinary Center, and was a founder and managing partner at Veterinary Emergency Group. He joined the SignalPET Medical Advisory Board in 2020.
Dr. David Bessler

Chief Executive Officer, Veterinary Emergency Group

Founder of Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) and member of the SignalPET Medical Advisory Board, Dr. David Bessler is a long-time veterinarian with experience in many specialty animal hospitals. He also spent time as a wildlife and nature educator for children, cared for reptiles at the Bronx Zoo, and taught “Introduction to Veterinary Medicine” courses to elementary school children at the American Museum of Natural History. Dr. Bessler had a vision to revolutionize emergency veterinary medicine, where it focused on client and patient experience. In 2014, he purchased the first VEG hospital, which allowed him to bring his vision to life. Dr. Bessler is passionate about helping people and especially loves helping children discover the same sense of wonder he feels every day. SignalPET is used in all VEG locations, and increases the timeliness that radiographs are read, ideal for the emergency setting.
Dr. Karen Bradley

Veterinary Leader

Dr. Karen Bradley graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. Early in her career, she worked in companion animal relief and emergency medicine in the Atlanta area before relocating to Vermont. There, she joined Onion River Animal Hospital in 2000, became a partner in 2003, and to this day, co-owns the clinic with two other female veterinarians practicing small animal medicine and surgery. She initially became involved in organized veterinary medicine through the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA). She currently serves as vice chair of the AVMA Board of Directors, where she represents District I, and in 2020 joined the SignalPET Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Bradley has implemented the SignalPET technology into her own practice and places her trust in AI, “To me, the biggest thing is being able to show my clients the value they are getting. With SignalPET, I can send the client the ‘client friendly’ report and with that, they can see for themselves the value of the money they spent on those X-rays. I think that's very important and invaluable.
Dr. Erick Mears

Medical Director, BluePearl Veterinary Partners

Dr. Erick Mears has been treating hyperthyroid cats since 1993 and is one of just two doctors who travel the country for the specialty. He is the only such doctor who is board certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Mears has treated more than 2,000 patients with Radioiodine I-131 and established his first treatment center in 1997. The I-CAT Feline Thyroid Treatment Center has now found a home at Miami Veterinary Specialists. Dr. Mears received his Bachelors of Science from Stanford University in 1988 and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. He completed his post-DVM education at the University of Tennessee where he completed a small animal internship, internal medicine residency and was an Associate Professor in 1997. Dr. Mears is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and is also a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. He joined the SignalPET Medical Advisory Board in 2020.
Dr. Jerry Owens

ACVR Diplomate, Author, Veterinary Leader

Jerry Owens was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and received his DVM from UC Davis in 1971. After spending 5 years in postgraduate study at the Animal Medical Center in New York and the University of Pennsylvania, he became a diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) in 1976.

Dr. Owens practiced veterinary medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area for 39 years, offering specialty referral services in imaging and medicine and providing consultations to over 1,200 veterinary hospitals and more than 20,000 veterinarians. He was involved with three textbooks, authoring two editions of “Radiographic Interpretation for the Small Animal Clinician” and co-editing the “Manual Of Small Animal Cardiology” with Larry P. Tilley. He's published many scientific articles and has presented lectures, seminars, and radiology workshops in the United States and abroad.

He has also been involved with both clinical research projects and organized research funded by pharmaceutical and medical device companies. He is past president of the ACVR and the American Veterinary Medical History Society (AVMHS). Currently, he is the historian for the ACVR, on the board of directors of the AVMHS and the Society of Veterinary Medical Ethics (SVME), and on the Medical Advisory Board of SignalPET.

From The SignalPET Community

Read Dr. Hurley's Story

"When I first looked at SignalPET, I thought this is going to be revolutionary. We now have a service that reviews all of our X-rays and provides better care for our patients."

Dr. Brian Hurley, DVM

Gardner Animal Care Center

"All the veterinarians and staff really, really liked SignalPET and we were really pleased with the ease of the software. We found that it added incredible value for our radiology services. Our patients are now able to get care faster, and our clients are really really pleased to see all the good test results."

Dr. Kerry Peterson, DVM

Pet Wellness Clinics

Read Dr. Certa's Story

"We take the x-rays and wait for the SignalPET reports to come in before we call the clients just to get that second confirmation. And the reports come back really quickly. I think the clients really like that; where they can see where the problems were."

Dr. Brooke Certa, DVM

Coastal Animal Clinic

Read Dr. Nair's Story

"It's definitely not a replacement for a radiologist, but it serves a very important like kind of stepping stone function, helping you decide what cases actually need that escalation to that radiologist or which cases you can deal with yourself in house that you don't need a specialist to come in and read out."

Dr. Vijay Nair, VMD

Veterinary Emergency Center

Read Dr. Vineyard's Story

"As a practice owner, having SignalPET for my other doctors is really nice. One of them is a new grad and so, when she's working, SignalPET is able to give her that assurance if I'm not on site; she has something to back her up."

Dr. Sarah Vineyard, DVM

Owner, Colony Veterinary Hospital

Read Dr. Lawnichak's Story

"SignalPET makes technology a little bit easier, especially for those who are not as technologically advanced as others."

Dr. Tyler Lawnichak, DVM

St. Augustine Regional Veterinary Emergency Center

"Our practice has been using SignalPET since day one of their launch. The AI technology is absolutely amazing and it has raised our level of confidence reading radiographs immensely with little additional cost to the client. We utilize SignalPET for every radiograph we take regardless of how simple the case may be. Many times SignalPET has found signals that we would surely have missed in our busy day practice such as tiny uroliths, pulmonary masses, and subtle orthopedic abnormalities to name a few."

Dr. Howard J. Small, VMD

Forest Lakes Animal Clinic

"We have had an excellent experience thus far and are very excited to integrate the SignalPET format into both practices. We have found the format to be easy to use and very helpful in interpreting our radiographs."

Dr. Gaines White, DVM

Conyers Animal Hospital

Read Dr. Bradley's Story

"To me, the biggest thing is being able to show my clients the value they are getting. With SignalPET, I can send the client the "client friendly" report and with that, they can see for themselves the value of the money they spent on those X-rays. I think that's very important and invaluable.."

Dr. Karen Bradley

Owner, Onion River Animal Hospital